Musical Instruments | Visual Aids

Having a variety of instruments available allows for the practitioner to honor patient preference and provide a range of activity options. Some musical instrument suppliers are more oriented toward therapeutic and educational materials, offering resources, rebates and discounts that may be helpful, such as West Music, Musician's Friend, and Kala Ukuleles. Look for reputable retailers who offer safe, good quality materials. Musical instruments should be durable, visually appealing, and easy to clean. Below are some good choices.

  • MukikiM Rock'n'Roll It flexible keyboard 
    This flexible silicone piano made by MukikiM comes with a small color-coded songbook, and can be placed on a tray table or any flat surface, such as a cookie sheet.

  • Luna Starry Night 3/4 guitar 
    This guitar is lightweight, has a high gloss finish, is visually appealing, and fits easily on a music cart

  • Rainbow glockenspiel
    Plastic mallets are preferable for ease of cleaning.

  • Kala Color Chord ukulele 
    This soprano ukulele comes with a booklet of instructions and songs. Having two ukuleles affords the opportunity for modeling and joint music-making.

  • Casio SA-76 44-key mini keyboard 
    Lightweight, colorful and portable, this keyboard features small keys, a range of sounds, and appealing jam loops.

  • Maracitos - Safe for 3mos and above, great giveaways.

  • Fruit shakers - Fun and inviting! 

  • Egg shakers - Safe for 3 yrs and above.

  • Steel tongue drum
    This type of drum is available in different tunings, and creates soothing sounds similar to a steel drum. The C pentatonic tuning facilitates improvisations with other C instruments such as xylophone or piano. 

  • Ivation electronic drum pad
    This silicone e-drum set features built-in speakers and rechargeable battery. It can be placed on a patient’s bed tray or other flat surface. The included drumsticks are not recommended for use, as they are unfinished natural wood. A good alternative is Grip Stix - easily washable with a high gloss finish and safe rubber grips.

  • Boomwhackers - A fun group activity.

  • Toddler tambourine
    This tambourine by Hohner features a design with enclosed jingles, and is safe for children 12 months and above. 

  • Remo drums - Remo's ocean drum, kid's floor tom, and drums in their Green and Clean line are all great choices.

  • Harmony bars - Pleasing tone and color coding which allows for composing by color.