Interactive Music in Pediatrics: A Handbook for Music Practitioners

"An outstanding contribution to the field."

Learn practical ways in which your music sessions can extend beyond performance into more interactive experiences. Ground your work in research foundations, and explore how improvisation, music learning and joint music-making can provide enhanced benefit to patient health and well-being.

• Arts in health research overview 
• Evidence-based activities 
• How to shape a music session 
• Illustrative anecdotes 
• How to document your work 
• Infection control 
• Printable resources

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Interactive Music in Pediatrics: A Handbook for Music Practitioners

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About the Author

Wendy Lanxner is Musician in Residence at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. She received a Master’s in Music Education from the University of Florida, and studied flute performance and the creative process at Oberlin Conservatory and the University of Massachuetts. Wendy is a teaching artist, composer and music director for several Washington area agencies, serving adults with disabilities, seniors, and youth.